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17 December, 2009

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Square Off is a 2.5D survival shooter. Blast, dodge and disintegrate your alien enemies in a desperate bid to save humanity. Wield shotguns, bombs and missiles in an insane survival frenzy.


Microsoft's Dream.Build.Play competition provided a convenient deadline to aim for. After the standard approach of biting off way more than you can manage in your first project, they were forced to revise their ambitious story-driven zombie-survival puzzle-platformer project into a more manageable survival arena-shooter prototype (gravity can be so inconvenient!). Iterating on the new prototype proved they had a fun concept with just squares for players and circles for enemies. With barely a month remaining, the decision was made that the main characters would have to remain as squares, hence Square Off was born. To the team's delight, Square Off ranked in the Dream.Build.Play 2009 Top 20. The game was released that December on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel to critical acclaim and a 4 star rating. In 2010, Gnomic ported Square Off to Windows Phone where it picked up 2 million downloads, a 4 star rating and a WASA Best Game Nomination. Finally in 2013, Square Off made it's way to iOS, Android and OUYA.


  • Seven levels of single player campaign survival action
  • Local co-op campaign and deathmatch multiplayer modes on Xbox 360 and OUYA
  • Carefully designed touch controls on mobile platforms
  • Hordes of vicious aliens and absolutely loads of addictive fun


Trailer YouTube

Early Deathmatch Gameplay YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Microsoft Dream.Build.Play Top 20" 6 September, 2009
  • "WA Screen Awards Best Game Nominee" Western Australia, 9 July, 2013

Selected Articles

  • "the classic co-op “THAT POWERUP WAS MINE YOU IDIOT!” is there and I’m loving every second of it"
    - Anosou, TIGSource
  • "Cartoony Charm in a unique Twin Stick Shooter"
    - WDesm, XboxHornet
  • "The 5 person team at Gnomic really focused on creating a fun, quality experience. It plays very much like a true addicting arcade game."
    - Jason Evangelho, Indie Arcade

Soundtrack by Joel M Taylor
Listen for free myspace.com.

About Gnomic Studios

Independent games developer with a focus on quality, not quantity. Currently building Square Heroes, an online multiplayer arena shooter for desktop and console platforms.

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