Square Off Reviews

Windows Phone 7 Version

BestWP7Games.com by Saijo ( Cyb4n )

“It’s the kind of game that you would expect from the xBox Live game section […] to sum it up if you are in to shooters on mobile devices you will like this”


Xbox Live Indie Games Version

simonpstevens.com by Simon P Stevens

“It is quite simply the best in it’s class”

indienerds.com by Gerald Terveen

“The animations, sound effects, level design; everything is just great in Square Off”

NegativeGamer.com by Jon “Pendelton” (-1/-10)

“It’s got a somewhat quirky story, hand-drawn graphics, a touch of dual-stick shooter and a multiplayer component. More than any other game I’ve seen on the service, it does these things well.”

Co-optimus.com by Katrina Pawlowski (4.5/5)

“Great music, quirky, awesome animations and art, 4 player co-op and aliens. What more do you need?”

GamerLimit.com by Ashley King  (8/10)

Square Off is pretty much a pure extract of fun if you can conjure four friends to gather around the same TV”

TIGSource.com by Anosou

“the classic co-op “THAT POWERUP WAS MINE YOU IDIOT!” is there and I’m loving every second of it”

SFX-360.com by Buzzkiller  (8.6/10)

“The cartoony effects from the gunfire, explosions, and of course the bloody giblets of dead aliens look amazing”

Abstract360.com by Davicams  (9/10)

“Gnomic Studios has set the bar very high. With four player local co-op though the story and local multi-player this is a game you will want to pick up.”

XboxHornet.wordpress.com by WDesm  (9/10)

“Cartoony Charm in a unique Twin Stick Shooter”

PWNEM.com by GaMeR  (8.75/10)

“I highly recommend it to any 2D shooter fan regardless of whether you plan to play it alone or with some friends.”

XBLIG.co.uk by Kelly  (5 thumbs up)

“I had to force myself to stop playing just to simply write the review. So, go out and get this game”

www.IndieArcade.com by Jason Evangelho

“The 5 person team at Gnomic really focused on creating a fun, quality experience. It plays very much like a true addicting arcade game.”

Object01.com by object01  (Work of Art – 5 stars)

“The Gnomic Studios team paid a lot of attention to detail.”

games.emuboards.com by David

“The game is great fun and a good challenge so it gets a thumbs up from me.”

MashinStudios.com by Tyler  (Bronze – Above Average)

Square Off on Xbox Live Indie Games is an excellent effort from Gnomic Studios”

digitalquarters.blogspot.com by

“The Saturday morning cartoon look of the game gives it a not-so-serious polish that keeps you smiling as you pop a relentless alien horde in the face with an arsenal of guns and explosives”

GayGamer.net by Scott  (Yay)

“Deathmatch is my favorite though, since the game’s emphasis on accuracy leads to competition that is based much more on skill than on spamming attacks.”

WastedSeconds.com by Dhalamar  (7.5/10)

“The overall presentation is great mixing up 3D arenas with 2D character models.

XboxIndieGames.co.uk by juice  (Recommended – 5 Stars)

a solid arena-shooter experience which is nicely balanced and comes complete with a good sense of humour and multiplayer modes

XBLIGR by XNA Game Freak  (Top 10 XBLIG of 2009)

“You can always tell the game is working when you hit the demo timer expiration and huff a sigh of frustration”

XblaRatings.com by wargamer17  (9/10)

“I believe Square Off is one of those games that everyone will love. […] With a small team and a little work, it’s amazing what Gnomic could accomplish