Square Off WP7 1.5 Update!

We’ve just released the 1.5 update to WP7 Square Off! Here is the feature list: – Choose any colour for your Square Avenger! – Downloadable ringtones and wallpapers (the free version has one of each, the paid version has 4 ringtones and 3 wallpapers). – Option to disable in-game vibration – Messages from the Developers – Various stability and bug fixes We also hit 160,000 downloads of Square Off just on WP7 which got us pretty excited and to celebrate, we decided to drop the price of the full game to $1 until the end of January! Check out a …

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Square Off 1.4 Update (Mango Support)

The 1.4 update for Square Off is now live on the marketplace and is available for both the paid and FREE versions of the game. The update has increased the performance of the game significantly and also added support for fast resume. We have another update in the works already with a much requested feature, but it is still early days and I would prefer to keep it a surprise Thank you all for your marketplace reviews which have been overwhelmingly positive (click here to see reviews and comments from our many users around the world). The free version is really taking …

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1.3 Update and FREE version released!

For a little while now we have been working away on the big 1.3 update to Square Off on WP7 and we just published it on the marketplace! Here are some of the updates and features: – Online high-scores and ladders! – Enhancements to movement control – German language support – A number of stability / bug fixes – Smaller download size for new users (20MB) We have also decided to release a free, ad-supported version. It has the same features as the full version, except ad banners will display while you are playing. Check it out here.

WP7Connect reviews Square Off

Read it here. No, really do, it’s a great review. The support that Hyde13 has shown us in the last month has been outstanding. First he posted about initial press release here. Then he sniffed out the news that we were about to release and posted about it here, with multiple updates. Not long after we released, he featured us in a piece about how some non-Xbox Live enabled WP7 titles were better than some that are Xbox Live enabled (read: ours is!). And finally he posted the wonderful review linked at the top of this post. Thanks WP7Connect!

WPCentral review goes live, with Cubeecraft!.

You can read the full review here. I recommend you do as it’s very thorough, but also fair. Paul also gave us some extremely valuable pre-release feedback that has led to significant improvements in the game. He raised things like improved ease of bomb throwing, more varied enemy colours and general improvements in the controls (including a critical bug). Much appreciated. We posted the video review that goes with this review before, but here it is again:

Square Off Hits the WP7 Marketplace

Get your hands on the product, hot off the press – just clicky here (requires Zune install). We’re all really excited to see how it goes on the marketplace and we appreciate everyone’s support so far. If you have a WP7 device, get it, play it and please take a minute to leave a review.

First Square Off WP7 review!

We’re still waiting for the game to go live, but our first review is in. The Xbox Indie Games version was popular in Germany, and it looks like the Windows Phone version will be too. Read it here (if you can speak German, if not let google translate it for you): http://dotconn.de/main/news/square-off-review/ Thanks to the guys at dotCONN.de for the glowing review (4.5/5 stars!). What is more, they’ve also offered to translate it to German. We plan to include this in the first update.