Throng Concept Screenshots

These screenshots were put together using a “mish-mash” of old concept art, some of which can be found on this blog. Throng was a prototype game that was worked on before Square Off. This is an attempt at resurrecting some of the original elements of the game while redesigning it for the mobile devices. Throng isn’t dead yet!

Old Stuff: Part 3/3

The following concept pictures were done earlier in the year. The aim was to come up with a quick way of making different backgrounds and still look good. While none of this will be used, I learnt that simple colours and shapes can be very effective if used in the right way.

Old Stuff: Part 2/3

Around the end of July 2008 I drew a little picture of a skeleton shooting a ball into the air. The weapon to shoot the balls also sucked them in, and so the challenge was to fire and retrieve your ammo. The skeleton was just a doodle, and yet it stayed around as the main character for Balls Unleashed. I did a mock-up screenshot of what the game would look like. Balls Unleashed would be a 2D multiplayer platform game where you would shoot at ball like enemies. There would be combo and bonus shots, so there was a reward …

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