New Kid on the Block

Hi all, Aranda and Scott were kind enough to let me help out on their cool XNA game! Just wanted to introduce myself as part of the team on the blog. Ill be mainly helping out with the environment assets, and anything else Scott doesnt want to do :). Have a few props and another character done for the game, thought Id share.

Old Stuff: Part 3/3

The following concept pictures were done earlier in the year. The aim was to come up with a quick way of making different backgrounds and still look good. While none of this will be used, I learnt that simple colours and shapes can be very effective if used in the right way.

Throng tech info

Language Throng is written in C# with XNA Game Studio. This was the only choice as we intend to release the game for XBox Live Community Games. Whilst this may seem limiting, C# and XNA truly enable rapid game development. Sometimes progress on the game seems to be rather slow, but it’s rapid considering the amount of time I can put into it as a hobby. Physics Currently, the only confirmed external library is the Farseer physics engine and I’m extremely happy with it. I initially tried writing my own 2D physics system which was used in Balls Unleashed. It …

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