Throng Concept Screenshots

These screenshots were put together using a “mish-mash” of old concept art, some of which can be found on this blog. Throng was a prototype game that was worked on before Square Off. This is an attempt at resurrecting some of the original elements of the game while redesigning it for the mobile devices. Throng isn’t dead yet!

Throng tech info

Language Throng is written in C# with XNA Game Studio. This was the only choice as we intend to release the game for XBox Live Community Games. Whilst this may seem limiting, C# and XNA truly enable rapid game development. Sometimes progress on the game seems to be rather slow, but it’s rapid considering the amount of time I can put into it as a hobby. Physics Currently, the only confirmed external library is the Farseer physics engine and I’m extremely happy with it. I initially tried writing my own 2D physics system which was used in Balls Unleashed. It …

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It’s Time to Get Animated!

Just about to start animating a run cycle for this little guy above. I’ve recently been re-reading a book called The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams, and it’s proven to be invaluable. I will be animating his legs in the traditional hand drawn approach, with the rest of his body in a cut-out style. The helmet and backpack should make for some good looking secondary animation, giving a bouncy cartoon look and feel to it. Unfortunately, I wont be animating the gun, as this is controlled by the player. It wont look too bad, it just means the character …

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Welcome to the Gnomic Studios development blog. We’ve set this blog up to show off progress in our first title, code named Throng. It’s going to be entered into this years Dream Build Play contest before being released on Xbox Live Community Games. You can expect to see some teaser images soon, courtesy of Scott and eventually some videos. – Aranda