1000 Free Retail Keys for Square Heroes Beta Players

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know by now that we’ve been running a free public beta of Square Heroes for the last few weeks. Today we’re announcing that you can also earn yourself a copy of the full version simply by playing the beta. If that interests you, then read on! Free Key Promo Rules Download the Beta from any of the links below (web site or Desura). Create a Profile with your email address. Profile must reach Level 3 before the beta ends and must be in the first 1000 profiles to do so. You …

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Square Off Development Post Mortem

We wrote up a post mortem of our development experience with Square Off. It details what we thought went right during development, and what could be improved for future projects. We hope you find it interesting! You can view the Post Mortem here.

What next for Square Off?

Now that DBP is done and dusted, we have to start deciding what features will make it into the final game. Obviously there’s a rather large wish list but at the same time we’re all really keen to have our first game released. We’re hoping to get it out by November and we want to have at least 9 levels (currently we have 4). I’ll leave that decision up to Adam and Scott as they’re the ones who’ll have to build them, and I believe quite a bit of blood, sweat and tears goes into each one!. Other wanted/needed features …

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Welcome to the Gnomic Studios development blog. We’ve set this blog up to show off progress in our first title, code named Throng. It’s going to be entered into this years Dream Build Play contest before being released on Xbox Live Community Games. You can expect to see some teaser images soon, courtesy of Scott and eventually some videos. – Aranda